Business & Web Innovation / ReDesign / Product Management starts with the Big Picture



A combination of perspectives & competencies is invaluable for making —

  • high-level assessments ( e.g. user needs and market opportunities ),
  • identifying innovations and refinements ( incremental to radical ),
  • creating blueprints ( high-level architecture / roadmaps ) and plans

— that increase the quality, effectiveness and ROI of your programs and projects.

A cross-functional perspective (and multi-disciplinary skillset) – cultivated across a variety of projects and industries, along with sharp & creative thinking / analysis skills – are essential ingredients for innovative and successful product management.

Especially when we are talking about true or strategic Product Management versus operational Product Management (or what I would prefer to call Production Management).  The latter, while important in its own right, requires a different skill set focused on operational details and task / resource management.  However, for a number of reasons, it seems that Production Management is increasingly conflated with Product Management … as can be seen in countless Silicon Valley / software company job descriptions as well as contemporary writings & discussions. More on that in a later post!


  1. Auri Biswas says:

    Feel free to share your thoughts and any examples where you applied the concepts outlined above — and the ways it helped you make a positive impact on the program / project execution and outcomes. And of course, the resulting improvements & benefits for the business / organization as a whole.

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