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Achieving Effectiveness & ROI from your Site / Online Marketing Efforts

Whether you are in a B2B or B2C environment, your online marketing / web content marketing efforts and budget are either helping you achieve your marketing goals or, at best, creating pretty or cool outputs without much business value!

[Yes, there's also that unfortunate but not too uncommon combination of average to bad looking online content (!) that adds little value in terms of conveying your key marketing messages.]

Here is a checklist that you can use to make an assessment of your online marketing efforts, focusing on your web content. Objectively identifying strengths and weaknesses will help you make plans to address these fundamental gaps – setting you on the path to achieving a high level of Effectiveness / ROI from your website and other online marketing efforts.

Effective Website Checklist for high ROI

Sometimes, it helps to get an opinion from people outside your organization. People who are familiar with good web design / web content / marketing communications best practices – but NOT familiar with your products and services or even your corporate image / reputation.

Such individuals are in a good position to evaluate whether your website / online content is effectively conveying the messages that people inside your company (both the site creators and others) are thinking (or hoping!) it is.

Feel free to download this free checklist and apply it to your website / web content marketing efforts. And if you need an objective opinion, you can sign up for a professional website review and start getting results / ROI in a matter of days.

The Art-of-Innovation ABCs: Acuity • Brevity • Clarity

Presenting the Art-of-Innovation ABCs

Acuity:     Sharpness; Keenness of perception;  synonyms

Brevity:    Expressing much in few words; conciseness of expression.
( Not a paucity of ideas / output! )

Clarity:     Clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding.
( Free of indistinctness and ambiguity.)

Innovation ABCs Foundation Blocks


Acuity, Brevity and Clarity may have become somewhat less common these days – as the pressure to churn out greater quantity gets stronger – at the expense of quality.  We have all experienced meetings with people competing for and filling in “air-time” for the sake of managing impressions.

In written discourse, in addition to the “love the sound of their own voice” phenomenon (!), there is the aspect of larger word count / page views translating to more revenues. There is also the appeal of hiding behind jargon (and creating more of it.)

But people who have successfully dealt with major challenges / projects / stretch goals under real-world constraints (time and resources) appreciate the value of these ABCs.

Also, most businesses or projects succeed (or fail) not due to some esoteric principles or fads or trivial implementation details – but because of a good understanding and a clear focus on fundamental / foundational concepts (or lack thereof.)


[In keeping with these ABCs, we felt that presenting some of the key lessons & insights distilled from years of experience and observation in the form of crisp, visual summaries (slides with questions, short lists / bullet points, and graphics / diagrams) would be a lot more accessible and effective - rather than long essays.

However, I will admit, since search engines are still better at digesting text than understanding powerful concepts from illustrative diagrams, I have added some explanatory text to the slides (that came first!)]


Feel free to apply these principles/ lessons to your business innovation initiatives, product management challenges, and website redesign projects – and when you need a helping hand or a sounding board / strategic partner, just drop us a line.