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Website Ingredients – Visibility and Impact

I think this slide captures the essence of effective website designs / redesigns.




Participants in the web design process – whether customers / business users, targeted site users, site architects, visual designers (visual / UI), web developers – often have different perspectives and priorities.

At the end of the day (or the site visit by your targeted end user!), the real measure of effectiveness / ROI is how well the site meets your targeted business and marketing goals. All the content, design & branding elements, layout, “cool ideas”, development technologies etc. are either supporting those goals or in some cases, detracting from them.

This slide lays out the major ingredients along the dimensions of visibility and impact. I believe this view can help resolve dilemmas and prioritize challenges – getting all contributors aligned and their energies focused on creating an effective website. [I said "helps" ... yes, it's not a magic wand!]

Visibility - More easily observed, experienced, and thus, commented upon.

Having a good ear for user feedback will help with these aspects.

Impact - Could take some time to percolate through but ultimately makes the difference.

Having a good sense of business / marketing goals, strategies, competitive analysis
will help with these underlying factors!

While both are important, the former without the latter is like (OK, time to bring up a colorful analogy / metaphor here!) … an attractive gift box with nothing inside … enticing – but eventually forgettable or even disappointing!   As as we strive to achieve a good balance, perhaps it’s helpful to remember that it might be better to err on the other side!

For more, click on the slide to visit the Quick Guide to Building Effective Websites.

New AOI Resource: A Roadmap for Web Product Management

Much is said and written about Product Roadmaps – to the point of the phrase sounding like a cliche or empty jargon. But while overused, and possibly underutilized in terms of its true intents and value, the underlying concept of the roadmap* is still relevant.

So how about a roadmap that shows the way to creating a product roadmap?

Call it a Web Product Management Roadmap or a Project Roadmap if you will. Something that clarifies the major steps for all the participants involved (project team members / consultants, business users / subject matter experts / end users, project sponsors and reviewers). And elucidates** the interconnections and flow between those steps and their outputs. So everyone can be “on the same page” while planning and executing the project.

You can view the Web Product Management Roadmap here or click on the preview image below.

Business Vision to Website Launch


Some light hearted rambling - after all, this is a blog!

*Roadmap: Ever wonder if there was perhaps a bit of misnaming when this term was er.. invented?! A map or roadmap shows ALL the points / locations and connecting pathways in the area of focus or interest i.e. all possibilities. A travel plan highlights the path you intend to take once you decide on the specific locations you wish you cover in your journey!]] Anyhow, roadmap it is!

**Elucidates = makes lucid … if you do not particularly care about long words! Using a long or rare word for the sake of using a long or rare word is … well, sad. But using it when it means precisely what you want to convey (just the right shade of meaning) is another thing. A positive thing, imo, since clarity should be a key goal for any form of communication – verbal (oral / written), visual (charts / diagrams), or a combination of the two (infographics)! In this case, some might say illustrate is a more common word that could be used … but it doesn’t quite have the meaning of elucidate.

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