New AOI Resource: Building an EFFECTIVE Website for your Business

Here’s an online presentation that serves as a quick guide to building effective websites for your business.

In keeping with the focus (dare we call it philosophy?!) of this site, it is presented in a set of easy-to-digest slides using clear, non-jargon-y language. The goal was to highlight the key concepts & steps involved – while asking pertinent questions that help to clarify the linkages between the major steps.

[[And perhaps also to showcase good presentation practices - countering the not-too-rare trend of online presentations looking more like papers with endless bullet points and paragraphs squeezed into a page!]]

The presentation can be viewed horizontally (ideal for Tablets – and for those beginning to see the possibilities of horizontal layouts … overcoming an old dogma that somehow got entrenched!)

- OR vertically (to accommodate those who prefer it that way – and to demonstrate the use of alternative CSS style sheets to present the same page content in different ways.)

You can view the presentation here or click on the preview image below.


Free Guide Building Effective Small Business Websites

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