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Marketing Goals  Increased Market Share
Marketing Goals  Awareness + Mind Share
Marketing Goals  Customer Enthusiasm
Marketing Goals  Revenues + Margins


By Refining + Aligning your

Business Goals Bullet  Business Goals
Business Goals Bullet  Marketing Strategy
Business Goals Bullet  Products & Services
Business Goals Bullet  Web Presence

[ Web Content, Messaging, Architecture, Functionality, Web Design, UI/UE,  SEO ]


Increasing the ROI / returns of your investment in Marketing, Product Management, and Web Communications.











Simple, Quick, Jargon-free
Guide to Building Effective Websites





































Portal & Web Design / Innovation Elements

Web ReDesign / Innovation Elements



















In search of The Art of Innovation



















Think SHARP! Strategy Horizons Architecture Requirements Plans



















Sharp Analysis Marketing Goals  Insights Marketing Goals  DNA

Innovating / Redesigning your Website /Portal from the right DNA

                  Web DNA


























Business Vision to Website Launch

A Roadmap for
Marketing Analysis +
Product Strategy +
Business Planning
=> Going from Vision to Reality



Marketing Analysis / Business Planning:
From Vision to Launch - A Roadmap

Need a Map?

Whether you are in the process of starting a business - or you are aspiring to take your business to the next level (new products, markets, marketing approach), you will probably find this roadmap (or checklist) quite valuable.

The roadmap presents a clear visual summary of the major steps involved in business planning and marketing analysis. It guides your efforts and clarifies your thinking by highlighting the key building blocks / areas, their inter-relationships, and the path towards a set of solid, comprehensive, defensible action plans.


Business Vision to Website Launch

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Get Ahead - Stay Ahead!

This is not a do-it-once-and-forget endeavor! Given its tremendous value in setting the right direction for your business, it makes sense to revisit it from time to time.

As you know (but maybe prefer not to think about!), your competitive situation and other environmental factors are changing frequently. Thus you can get good dividends (and make timely business decisions) by revisiting / updating this analysis (even at a high level) on a monthly to quarterly basis.


Take it to the Next Level

The key ideas and outputs that come out of this process can be maintained in a company KnowledgeBase - rather than some boring files that no one looks at again.

An online KnowledgeBase can serve as a valuable and easily accessible guide for company operations & projects - keeping them aligned with overall goals, strategy, key decisions. It also serves as a reference for various other organizational needs - as shown in the boxes at the bottom right of the map.

You can do this with free open-source tools with a bit of customization / setup - to make it effective and easy-to-use by the entire team.    Interested?!


Feel free to use the process/ roadmap above to move steadily from vision to reality (successfully implemented plans / launch). If you need a sounding board, someone to add valuable ideas and feedback, and apply well rounded analysis and planning skills based on solid experience, just drop me a line.

Wish you the best with your marketing analysis and business planning efforts!  



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Business Consultant for SMB Small Business Companies / Firms for your Inbound Marketing, Communications, Web Design needs & goals. Business / Marketing Analysis based Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans that drive the refinement of your Products + Services - along with Key Marketing Messages + Web Content. Sharp Small Business Consultant to analyze your Customer / User Needs, Competition and key Market Trends.

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Auri Biswas

B.S., M.B.A. (Duke Univ.)

Marketing Strategy  driven  ReDesign  of  Products  &  Online Marketing Communications


Marketing Strategy and Web ReDesign Consulting Services Summary

Our mission is to help you achieve your business / marketing goals. Achieving targets such as - increasing the market awareness / customer awareness of your brand as well as your products & services; a better understanding of your firm's capabilities & competencies; and say, a clear articulation / presentation of your competitive advantage i.e. reasons for doing business with your company rather than competitors in your sector.


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Silicon Valley, California - or if you prefer - San Francisco Bay Area, CA. We offer our marketing / product management / web innovation consulting services to client companies located all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

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Site Map    Small Business Consultant, Analyst, Strategic Advisor for Startups to entrepreneurial SMB Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, CA.

Increase Sales, Market Share, and Mind Share / Customer Awareness / Credibility.

Refine & Redesign your Marketing (Product Features + Benefits, Customer Value Proposition, Positioning + Messaging) - as well as your Web Content, SEO, Usability. Ongoing Site Reviews and Analysis.

Solid background & sharp skills in business consulting and web technologies.

Our foundation of core values:

High Level Creativity

High Level Quality

High Level Professionalism

Enhance market share, mind share, awareness, brand recognition & revenues with customer & market-focused business innovation & web site redesign.

Top-tier Consulting Services to help small business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, startup teams, midsize SMB businesses ...

Achieve Greater Results

- in a "Work Smart, then Work Hard" way!

Business Strategy & Marketing Strategy refinement leading to Business Model Innovation (Products / Services); Web Design / Web ReDesign initiatives.

Focusing on high-level aspects - that drive overall effectiveness / ROI / customer satisfaction :: Site Goals & Architecture, Online Content, Online Functionality, UI / UE / Usability, User Centered Design.

Creation of Marketing and Web Communications (Web Content) with web-optimized text and illustrative / clarifying graphics.

High Level Insights, Plans, Architectural Blueprints

Site Reviews to identify issues and opportunities for improvement in key areas including: Web Content, Functionality / Workflow, User Interface / Visual Design, User Experience / Usability. Organic SEO Strategy, Review and Implementation.

All our efforts (analysis, solutions, recommendations, deliverables) are shaped and driven by your specific goals, needs, situation, constraints and preferences.

Well rounded Web Product Management Consultant with a wide range of top-tier skills & experience - based in the SF Bay Area.


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