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Based in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area), our business & marketing consulting services support innovation-driven growth for large to small businesses. Our focus includes SMB companies, entrepreneurs, startups, founders.

Short term or long term consulting engagements to help you problem-solve marketing & sales challenges, brainstorm product innovation / strategic product management issues, and envision other innovative strategies & solutions - with the ultimate focus on greater customer engagement, business growth, and market share.

The path to sustained, healthy business growth - overcoming competitive challenges - is via sharp and ethical marketing strategies (driven by smart analysis & insights - rather than gimmicks or simplistic trial-and-error methods). A business strategy that focuses on delivering great products, value, and quality to your target audience & customers.

We can help you create and refine great products and messaging (i.e. strategic product management and communications strategy) to attract, convert, and engage your customers. And help craft & deliver key marketing messages via effective and compelling website content; articles, and other online marketing communications.


Core Values

  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Professionalism

Field Tested Strengths

  • Strategic thinking for innovative insights
  • Skilled communicator - wide range of styles.
  • Results focus - balancing sound PROCESSES & meaningful OUTCOMES  - driven by Business & User Goals


Get started with a free 30 min. consultation to discuss your needs & challenges - and how we can work together productively to achieve your business & marketing goals.


Sharp strategies - solid results


Engines for Business & Marketing Innovation

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Roadmap - Business Vision to Marketing Analysis to Website Launch

We can help you take your business or product idea from VISION to REALITY following a smart, effective roadmap.





M.B.A. Duke University

B.S. (Engineering)   I.I.T.

N.T.S.   (National Talent Search scholarship).


Strategic Advisor, Management Consultant, Director of Marketing/ PM

  - trusted and relied upon by CEO's, business owners, startup founders, entrepreneurs, marketing VPs

  • Innovative, results-oriented professional with solid skills, passion & experience in strategic product management (product innovation), business & marketing strategy, and communications.
    • Strong foundation of program & project management of strategic enterprise-level initiatives – from strategy driven process and product innovation to project methodology & reviews; vision to launch of ventures; marketing communications.
  • Solid set of professional skills from tenure at 'Big 4' consulting firms and top-tier companies.
    • Sharp analysis, strategy, creative ideation skills. Foundation of leadership, management & communication skills. Multi-disciplinary, cross-functional problem-solving approach driven by insights & goals. Ability to swiftly find and digest relevant information - then analyze, assimilate & apply to the current endeavor for effective real-world solutions.
  • Experience with small businesses & startups have helped Mr. Biswas hone and utilize a wide range of skills (strategy / big-picture perspective to execution / PM / hands-on skills) - as well as a pragmatic, adaptive approach.
    • Auri applies the maxim of "work smart, then work hard", helping both large and small businesses achieve great results.




Auri Biswas in the news wires

As DIrector of Marketing (Strategic Product Management & Marketing Communications) for a mobile & web app software firm. (Japanese public company, Tokyo stock exchange.)










Highly Competent and Reliable  Creativity   Highly Competent and Reliable  Quality   Highly Competent and Reliable  Professionalism




Call or e-mail today to discuss your needs & issues - and ways to achieve your targets.







  • Director of Marketing (Product Strategy & Web Communications)
  • Director of Product Management / Product Innovation
  • Strategic Advisor to SMB CEOs
  • Founder Director of an innovative nature / outdoors public portal
  • VP of Portal Strategy, Requirements and Architecture
  • Project Director, Senior Manager, Principal Management Consultant
  • Senior Program and Project Manager, Engagement Manager


Academic Credentials

  • Well rounded academic credentials
    • M.B.A. Duke University
    • B.S. in Engineering & Technology Management, IIT.
    • National Talent Search - NTS Scholarship. GMAT 96th Percentile
  • Key leadership positions in university student government.

Professional Credentials

  • Formative tenures at a leading global (Big 4) Consulting Firm (Price Waterhouse Management Consulting Services) and an industry-leading, innovative, enterprise software firm (in the billion+ dollar range with a 1000+ strong consulting division) based in Silicon Valley (Sybase Professional Services.).
  • Directed and participated in major projects for some of the world's leading organizations. (Fortune 500, BW Global 1000, Major National Foundations, Research Institutions).


Insightful Experience in a Variety of Key Areas

Insightful Experience spanning Key Areas



Contact us for a free 30 min. consultation to discuss your needs & goals - and how we can sharpen and augment your efforts to reach targeted results!


Sharp strategies - solid results




Consulting Focus Needs Execution Quality









Can a Marketing Consultant partner EFFECTIVELY to deliver RESULTS?

Or, how can a consultant (an outsider to your company / industry) ADD VALUE - strategically & significantly - to your current efforts?

It is easy to get totally absorbed in the day-to-day management of your business, department or project - with its daily tasks, meetings, deadlines - and the inevitable rush mode ...

Except for the occasional "retreat" - it is hard to step back and take a wider & deeper look - making it tough to think, plan and act strategically, to identify various opportunities for innovation / improvement, or to work on those issues that are affecting your results.

That is where an objective, creative & sharp consultant - with wide experience across industries and businesses of all sizes - can significantly enrich your efforts. Someone who can be a trusted sounding board and advisor - partnering closely with you & your team to achieve a higher quality and level of results.

Whether it's a major project, issue, initiative or a small one;  new development or a redesign / improvement effort;  you can enjoy several key benefits from our business consulting services:

  • a much-needed fresh perspective
  • independence & ability to stimulate as well as challenge ideas & strategies
  • collaborative & creative problem solving
  • energy & bandwidth to look wider and deeper
  • well-honed, up-to-date competencies
  • knowledge of best practices and trends.

And someone you can rely on to not just understand but be aligned with your goals - and be truly invested in your success and results - as you build & strengthen your business, products, website.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can start working together.





Want to take your business / website to the NEXT LEVEL?  

We can help YOU make it happen.

Art of Innovation Values

Get started with an



Contact us for a 30 min. free consultation to discuss your needs, key issues, business & marketing goals - and how we can help you achieve solid results.


Sharp strategies - solid results





SF Bay Area based Online Marketing Consultant for Small Business, SMB and Large Companies.

We help you grow your business with fresh ideas, sharp insights, solid business plans. High quality professional consulting services guided by your business vision and priorities.

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