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Marketing Goals  Increased Market Share
Marketing Goals  Awareness + Mind Share
Marketing Goals  Customer Enthusiasm
Marketing Goals  Revenues + Margins


By Refining + Aligning your

Business Goals Bullet  Business Goals
Business Goals Bullet  Marketing Strategy
Business Goals Bullet  Products & Services
Business Goals Bullet  Web Presence

[ Web Content, Messaging, Architecture, Functionality, Web Design, UI/UE,  SEO ]


Increasing the ROI / returns of your investment in Marketing, Product Management, and Web Communications.











Simple, Quick, Jargon-free
Guide to Building Effective Websites





































Portal & Web Design / Innovation Elements

Web ReDesign / Innovation Elements



















In search of The Art of Innovation



















Think SHARP! Strategy Horizons Architecture Requirements Plans



















Sharp Analysis Marketing Goals  Insights Marketing Goals  DNA

Innovating / Redesigning your Website /Portal from the right DNA

                  Web DNA


























Business Vision to Website Launch

A Roadmap for
Marketing Analysis +
Product Strategy +
Business Planning
=> Going from Vision to Reality



ReDesign Your Site, Communications, Products

▼ Business Innovation & Web Design / ReDesign
▼ General Business Advisory Services

Refine Business Cross Functional Web Product-Management & Marketing Strategy
Goals / Drivers / Target Segments / Positioning

Competitive Analysis / SWOT Analysis --- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Brainstorming, Ideation, Envisioning --- Differentiation; Product / Service Benefits & Features; Design Elements (Interaction / Visual Design)

Value Proposition CVP and Key Messages --- Reflected in Products, Services, Communications

Portals, Web Sites, Web Applications --- Requirements; Use Cases; MRD, PRD, Roadmap

Marketing & Communications Strategy --- Inbound & Outbound; Customer Feedback Analysis

Branding & Core Messages
Value Proposition, Marketing CommunicationsStrategic Marketing Communications

Web Content (Text & Graphics) for effective Web Communications

Marketing Proposals & Presentations --- RFP Responses, PowerPoint & Web Presentations

Business Plan Summaries & Presentations

•  Tailored to Target Segment / Audience

•  Exudes Professionalism & Brand Image

•  Overall Structure, Style, Flow, Impact

•  Supporting Visuals: Images, Charts, Video

•  Conceptual Diagrams to clarify content

Site Vision & Web Strategy --- Define Site Goals, Target Users & Needs,DNA driven Website/ Portal ReDesign &  Innovation Competition & Trends.

Requirements & Architecture --- Features / Functions, Content / Data, Navigation / Information Architecture, Use Cases, Workflow

Site Design --- Conceptual Design / Wireframes | User Interface / Interaction Design | Graphic / Visual Design --- with a focus on Branding, User Experience, Usability

Communications Strategy & Web Content Development --- See the Marketing Communications Box above for details.

Manage Development, Launch --- Using a smart incremental / iterative Agile approach

Ongoing Analysis & Reviews --- (User Needs, User Feedback, Site Traffic, Competitor Sites) to drive refinements

SEO Strategy & Implementation --- SERP, SEM, Bing / Google Rankings, Web Analytics to ensure high Visibility 

SHARP Analysis for  Outstanding Business & Website Innovation Strategizing, Analyses, Research --- All the MBA / Excel / Management Consulting driven analysis (Business Analysis, Marketing Analysis) enriched with deep industry experience!

Business Plans --- Vision, Competition, Customers/Users, Products/ Services, Positioning, Projections, Assumptions, Risks, SWOT Analysis.

Facilitator --- Brainstorming, Ideation, Focus Groups, Project Planning and Review Sessions with Executives, Managers & Staff / User Teams.

Project / Program Management - SHARP© Plans & Reviews --- Improvement Opportunities, Feedback, Ideas - applying deep experience from a wide variety of projects from top-tier companies to small-business/ startup environments. Project Reviews / Retrospectives for Lessons Learned.

Click on the boxes above to view more details.





Case Studies / Samples   Links  

SMB Marketing Strategy + Web Communications

Revitalized Business Model with new service & product offerings.

Positioning & messaging to successfully target a new customer segment of large corporate clients.

Complete ReDesign of Website - Key Messages, Branding, Content, Structure, Visual Design.

Creation of new web content (text + graphical) + organic SEO.


SAMS Custom Catalogs



New Business Model (Online Printing Marketplace) & accompanying services / offerings.

Accompanying messaging, positioning, articulation of Value Proposition.

Creation of fresh web content in line with marketing and SEO strategy.





Comprehensive Online Portal with Custom CMS

Aimed at the public, local Park Districts, and non-profit groups with full content management, event management and online community management functionality.

Site Concept to Roadmap, Architecture, Feature Specs, UI/UE, Visual Design, CMS Design & Implementation.





Online Product Marketing - "PreFab No-Maintenance" website to help SMB retail businesses distribute product information online - increasing reach, penetration, lead generation. Helped them transition from traditional expensive Printed Catalogs.

Positioning & messaging for this custom designed offering - designed to meet the identified needs of target segment.

Articulation / summary of Key Benefits.


Online Product Catalog




Streamlined Workflow / Process Flow improvements for core business processes of a service business.

Identify refinements (updated / new functional requirements) for internal content management systems and workflow management systems.

Easy-to-understand Diagrams and Graphics to enhance customers' understanding and appreciation of the value of these processes.





Innovative Online Marketing & Sales Presentation

Communicating company's unique value proposition (USP / CVP) and service offerings.

Using HTML5 / Javascript / Jquery - no Powerpoint - for maximum SEO benefit.





Tablet Optimized Marketing Presentation / Slide Show Presentation

Using HTML5 (no Powerpoint) for improved usability and organic SEO.





Customized Wordpress Marketing Blog

Wordpress platform heavily customized to match pre-existing branding & visual design of the main website.

Fresh, insightful articles (with text + illustrative graphics) on Marketing Strategy-driven Product Management & Web Communications.






New Marketing Campaign & Customized WordPress Site for Small Business (Medical / Healthcare Practice)

Fresh style and marketing content that immediately and effectively differentiates from competitors.

Created a new marketing channel to reach out to target audience. Steady stream of revenue-generating leads / inquiries from steadily increasing site visits and page views.

SEO optimization for top rankings on Google for targeted long-tail keywords - ranking consistently higher (over several years) surpassing large, corporate, multi-million dollar heathcare providers.







SEO Optimized Press Release for PR

Company News / Product Announcement Press Release to promote the launch of latest version of client's mobile app for marketing communications and sales enablement.

B2B - aimed at business customers.

Within days, reached first page of Google search results (achieved top SERP ranking) for targeted keywords.












Perhaps you are facing one of these challenges:

  • Your business has outgrown your aging, legacy website
    • Current business focus / structure / branding does not match existing site structure & design
    • Site not user-friendy / usable by contemporary standards
    • Online functionality / services not at par with competitor sites / current trends
    • Internal users spend / waste too much time and hampers productivity / lost opportunities
  • Your company's website is not performing / not delivering results.
    • Not enough visitors / lack of traffic from desired customer segments.
    • High bounce rates or lack of repeat visits.
    • Not resulting in desired action e.g. an online purchase or inquiry.
    • Not appearing in Search Engine results / low search rankings.

SMB Website Problems

Sometimes you may not see the signs clearly through the fog. Click on the image for a clearer view.

SMB Web Marketing Needs 

  • Customers do not have a clear understanding of your business.
    • Not adequately aware of the full range of your products and services.
    • Not clear about the benefits of doing business with you versus the competition.
    • Site visitors / customers do not grasp your company's core competencies.
    • Your target customers are unclear about or not influenced by your brand / image.
  • Customers do not have a full appreciation of your offerings.
    • Benefits and features of your products / services are not as clear and compelling as they could be.
    • Related products / services are not as easy to find as they should be.
    • Underutilized or ineffective customer support processes i.e. a lost opportunity to retain / expand your customer base.






Maybe you are preparing / planning for a new initiative:

  • New Product / Site
    • Introducing a new product, website, or web application to existing or new markets / customer segments.
  • Market Penetration
    • Deepening and widening (new markets / segments) your market penetration for your existing products to increase inquiries / visits, sales and revenues.
  • Business Overhaul
    • Making a strategic redesign of your business model, offerings (products and services portfolio), and organizational structure to gain market traction.
  • Brand Building
    • Revitalizing or boosting your business image / brand and communicating it to your existing and new customers - via online & offline channels.
  • New Online Functionality
    • Developing new online functionalities (processes / workflows) to better serve your customers (e.g. Customer Service worflows, or User-to-user collaboration).
  • Product / Site ReDesign
    • Preparing for a new product or an upgraded version of a product / site, identifying unmet needs and improvements to benefits and features - based on customer / user feedback.






We Can Help!

We partner with small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and midsize SMB businesses to support them with:

  • Marketing strategy driven refinement of their business (business model, products & services), 
  • Redesign of applications, web apps and web sites (including well-written and effective web content and marketing communications ).
  • Guided by a focus on customer requirements, user needs, usability as well as differentiation, quality, innovation and your vision / mission.
Roadmap - Business Vision to Marketing Analysis to Website Launch

Business Analysis / Marketing Analysis driven envisioning / enhancement of your products, services, apps, websites.

Helping your business achieve its key goals -

Want to take your business / website to the NEXT LEVEL?   We can help YOU make it happen.

►  Get started  with  an  OBJECTIVE  and  INSIGHTFUL   Website  REVIEW   |   Business Plan  REVIEW

To get started with a free initial consultation,
or for any other questions, please Contact Us.











Focus Needs Execution Quality








The 3 Legs of Successful Innovation

For your Marketing / Product / Web Innovation efforts to succeed, developing into pragmatic plans, and utlimately real-world results, they must have SOLID LEGS!
Read on for quick overviews of these 3 legs of real-world, successful innovation!


Leg #1
Smart and Collaborative Approach

Innovation Project Methodology

AOI Business Web Innovation Method Steps








Leg #2
Perspective and Insights from Big-Picture / Strategic Analysis
- and a clear understanding of markets, users, needs & trends

From a solid combination of experience & skills in a range of related business areas / domains.

Secrets of a Winning Approach for Outstanding Sites/Portals

The Value of Perspective
Let's use a construction analogy — say a custom designed Office & Shopping Complex. There is a good supply of construction workers (with expertise in particular tools / components) out there - and construction supervisors / managers to manage their day-to-day work. They undoubtedly play a key role in the building of the complex. There is also no shortage of people with great client management & promotional skills. And they are all quite vocal, understandably, in leading and pushing for things from their area of focus or expertise.

However, what leads to a well designed, well-liked and an effective building is a competent Architect who demonstrates a  focus on client needscreativity, and knowledge of current trends and best practices.  And in addition, strengths in effective communication and cross-functional collaboration (including gathering and weighing inputs from all participants + stakeholders).

That's the role in which we support our clients - for maximum effectiveness and results.

ABCs of Web Design and DevelopmentOur Key Differentiator

We bring a solid understanding (from real-world project experience) of:

  1. Business / Marketing Analysis & key concepts - drivers, goals, metrics, CSFs
  2. Product Management - defining benefits / features / value proposition / messages
  3. Project Planning / Project Management - pragmatic considerations / trade-offs
  4. Web technologies and systems design & development methodologies.
    (Hands-on experience and conceptual understanding.)

Ultimately, in our view, end-user / customer / business needs and goals need to drive technology solutions, product and systems development - not the other way around. [See Slide.]

Based on our experience (in a wide variety of settings - from large global Fortune 500 companies to small entrepreneurial startups), the combination above is very helpful for preparing and refining -   high-level assessments;   innovations and refinements;   blueprints and plans - items that increase the quality, effectiveness and ROI of your web design and web application development projects - as well as other business and marketing initiatives.

In short, we recommend (and practice!) giving priority to
    "doing the right thing" (i.e. effectiveness / meeting broader goals)
and then focusing on
    "doing it right" (i.e. efficiency / lowering costs.)

Or even more succinctly,

Work Smart
    then Work Hard!


To get started with a free initial consultation,
or for any other questions, please Contact Us.









Leg #3
Multi-Disciplinary Effort / Cross Functional Collaboration
  - Build Effective Websites that deliver Results and ROI

Redesigning your website / portal?   Be sure to consider all major elements / possible areas of web innovation!   As opposed to the usual focus on "(Visual) Design" and SEO that (as you can see from the graphic below) are just 2 components among other more important and far more consequential components.


Website Redesign Innovation Components / Ingredients

Art-of-Innovation Consulting Services - a solid combination of experience - from the Business & Marketing Analysis & Planning side as well as the Web Design & Development area. Helping clients with insightful analysis & planning for both their business initiatives as well as their website / portal development and redesign efforts.



To get started with a free initial consultation, or for any other questions, please Contact Us.



Business Consultant for SMB Small Business Companies / Firms for your Inbound Marketing, Communications, Web Design needs & goals. Business / Marketing Analysis based Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plans that drive the refinement of your Products + Services - along with Key Marketing Messages + Web Content. Sharp Small Business Consultant to analyze your Customer / User Needs, Competition and key Market Trends.

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Art of Innovation Management Consulting Services
Marketing Strategy driven Product Innovation, Online Marketing Communications, Web Design.

Business Consulting

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Auri Biswas

B.S., M.B.A. (Duke Univ.)

Marketing Strategy  driven  ReDesign  of  Products  &  Online Marketing Communications


Marketing Strategy and Web ReDesign Consulting Services Summary

Our mission is to help you achieve your business / marketing goals. Achieving targets such as - increasing the market awareness / customer awareness of your brand as well as your products & services; a better understanding of your firm's capabilities & competencies; and say, a clear articulation / presentation of your competitive advantage i.e. reasons for doing business with your company rather than competitors in your sector.


List of Consulting Services


List of Service Areas

Silicon Valley, California - or if you prefer - San Francisco Bay Area, CA. We offer our marketing / product management / web innovation consulting services to client companies located all over the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

San Francisco Bay Area Counties ( California )

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San Francisco Bay Area Cities ( California )


Site Map    Small Business Consultant, Analyst, Strategic Advisor for Startups to entrepreneurial SMB Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, CA.

Increase Sales, Market Share, and Mind Share / Customer Awareness / Credibility.

Refine & Redesign your Marketing (Product Features + Benefits, Customer Value Proposition, Positioning + Messaging) - as well as your Web Content, SEO, Usability. Ongoing Site Reviews and Analysis.

Solid background & sharp skills in business consulting and web technologies.

Our foundation of core values:

High Level Creativity

High Level Quality

High Level Professionalism

Enhance market share, mind share, awareness, brand recognition & revenues with customer & market-focused business innovation & web site redesign.

Top-tier Consulting Services to help small business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, startup teams, midsize SMB businesses ...

Achieve Greater Results

- in a "Work Smart, then Work Hard" way!

Business Strategy & Marketing Strategy refinement leading to Business Model Innovation (Products / Services); Web Design / Web ReDesign initiatives.

Focusing on high-level aspects - that drive overall effectiveness / ROI / customer satisfaction :: Site Goals & Architecture, Online Content, Online Functionality, UI / UE / Usability, User Centered Design.

Creation of Marketing and Web Communications (Web Content) with web-optimized text and illustrative / clarifying graphics.

High Level Insights, Plans, Architectural Blueprints

Site Reviews to identify issues and opportunities for improvement in key areas including: Web Content, Functionality / Workflow, User Interface / Visual Design, User Experience / Usability. Organic SEO Strategy, Review and Implementation.

All our efforts (analysis, solutions, recommendations, deliverables) are shaped and driven by your specific goals, needs, situation, constraints and preferences.

Well rounded Web Product Management Consultant with a wide range of top-tier skills & experience - based in the SF Bay Area.


The ABCs of
Web & Business Innovation