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SMB Marketing Strategy + Web Communications

Revitalized Business Model with new service & product offerings.

Positioning & messaging to successfully target a new customer segment of large corporate clients.

Complete ReDesign of Website - Key Messages, Branding, Content, Structure, Visual Design.

Creation of new web content (text + graphical) + organic SEO.


SAMS Custom Catalogs



New Business Model (Online Printing Marketplace) & accompanying services / offerings.

Accompanying messaging, positioning, articulation of Value Proposition.

Creation of fresh web content in line with marketing and SEO strategy.





Comprehensive Online Portal with Custom CMS

Aimed at the public, local Park Districts, and non-profit groups with full content management, event management and online community management functionality.

Site Concept to Roadmap, Architecture, Feature Specs, UI/UE, Visual Design, CMS Design & Implementation.





Online Product Marketing - "PreFab No-Maintenance" website to help SMB retail businesses distribute product information online - increasing reach, penetration, lead generation. Helped them transition from traditional expensive Printed Catalogs.

Positioning & messaging for this custom designed offering - designed to meet the identified needs of target segment.

Articulation / summary of Key Benefits.


Online Product Catalog




Streamlined Workflow / Process Flow improvements for core business processes of a service business.

Identify refinements (updated / new functional requirements) for internal content management systems and workflow management systems.

Easy-to-understand Diagrams and Graphics to enhance customers' understanding and appreciation of the value of these processes.





Innovative Online Marketing & Sales Presentation

Communicating company's unique value proposition (USP / CVP) and service offerings.

Using HTML5 / Javascript / Jquery - no Powerpoint - for maximum SEO benefit.





Tablet Optimized Marketing Presentation / Slide Show Presentation

Using HTML5 (no Powerpoint) for improved usability and organic SEO.





Customized Wordpress Marketing Blog

Wordpress platform heavily customized to match pre-existing branding & visual design of the main website.

Fresh, insightful articles (with text + illustrative graphics) on Marketing Strategy-driven Product Management & Web Communications.






New Marketing Campaign & Customized WordPress Site for Small Business (Medical / Healthcare Practice)

Fresh style and marketing content that immediately and effectively differentiates from competitors.

Created a new marketing channel to reach out to target audience. Steady stream of revenue-generating leads / inquiries from steadily increasing site visits and page views.

SEO optimization for top rankings on Google for targeted long-tail keywords - ranking consistently higher (over several years) surpassing large, corporate, multi-million dollar healthcare providers.







SEO Optimized Press Release for PR

Company News / Product Announcement Press Release to promote the launch of latest version of client's mobile app for marketing communications and sales enablement.

B2B - aimed at business customers.

Within days, reached first page of Google search results (achieved top SERP ranking) for targeted keywords.








SF Bay Area based Strategic Marketing Consultant for Small Business, SMB, and Large Companies.

We help you grow your business with fresh ideas, sharp analysis, powerful insights, comprehensive business plans. Top quality professional consulting services guided by your business vision and priorities.

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Auri Biswas

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