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Marketing Strategy Consulting Services
Take your website, products, business plans to the next level

Get started with our fast-track Diagnostic Reviews to
uncover issues and opportunities for business growth.
Marketing strategy professional website reviews


Help your customers appreciate your business

  your brand promise, offerings, value proposition, differentiation, buying & service options.

Marketing strategy professional website reviews


Serve your customers by delivering value + satisfaction

  in a smart, planned, reliable way - sustainably earning likes, increasing revenues, profit growth.

top consulting skills strategic assessment


Fresh Insights driving Solid recommendations and candid feedback

💡 Independent of political agendas, org. blindspots, groupthink, biases - only driven by prioritized goals.





▼ Web & product innovation / redesign
▼ Strategy & communications

Refine Business Cross Functional Web Product-Management & Marketing Strategy
Goals, Drivers, Target Segments & Needs, Positioning, Branding

Competitive Analysis / SWOT Analysis --- Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Also, analysis of trends & environment.

Go-to-Market Plan Development + Review

Brainstorming, Ideation, Envisioning --- Differentiation; Product / Service Benefits & Features; Design Elements (Interaction / Visual Design)

Value Proposition CVP and Key Messages --- Reflected in Products, Services, Communications

Product Innovation incl. Sites & Apps --- Use Cases; Requirements; MRD, PRD, Roadmap, Product Strategy

Marketing & Communications Strategy --- Inbound & outbound; Customer feedback analysis, Marketing mix, Key marketing messages

Branding & Core Messages
Value Proposition, Marketing CommunicationsStrategic Marketing Communications

Web Content (Text & Graphics) for effective Web Communications

Marketing Proposals & Presentations --- RFP Responses, PowerPoint & Web Presentations

Business Plan Summaries & Presentations

MarCom + Collateral

Press Releases / PR Articles

Executive Summaries

•  Tailored to Target Segment / Audience

•  Exudes Professionalism & Brand Image

•  Overall Structure, Style, Flow, Impact

•  Supporting Visuals: Images, Charts, Video

•  Conceptual Diagrams to clarify content

Site Vision & Web Strategy --- Define Site Goals, Target Users & Needs,DNA driven Website/ Portal ReDesign &  Innovation Competition & Trends.

Requirements & Architecture --- Features / Functions, Content / Data, Navigation / Information Architecture, Use Cases, Workflow

Site Design --- Conceptual Design / Wireframes | User Interface / Interaction Design | Graphic / Visual Design --- with a focus on Branding, User Experience, Usability

Communications Strategy & Web Content Development --- See the Marketing Communications Box above for details.

Manage Development, Launch --- Using a smart incremental / iterative Agile approach

Ongoing Analysis & Reviews --- (User Needs, User Feedback, Site Traffic, Competitor Sites) to drive refinements

SEO Strategy & Implementation --- SERP, SEM, Bing / Google Rankings, Web Analytics to ensure high Visibility 

SHARP Analysis for  Outstanding Business & Website Innovation Strategizing, Analyses, Research --- All the MBA / Excel / Management Consulting driven analysis (Business Analysis, Marketing Analysis) enriched with deep industry experience!

Business Plans --- Vision, Competition, Customers/Users, Products/ Services, Positioning, Projections, Assumptions, Risks, SWOT Analysis.

Facilitator --- Brainstorming, Ideation, Focus Groups, Project Planning and Review Sessions with Executives, Managers & Staff / User Teams.

Project / Program Management - SHARP© Plans & Reviews --- Improvement Opportunities, Feedback, Ideas - applying deep experience from a wide variety of projects from top-tier companies to small-business/ startup environments. Project Reviews / Retrospectives for Lessons Learned.

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Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals - and how we can partner to achieve desired results.


Solid Credentials - Solid Results

Engines for Business & Marketing Innovation


Roadmap - Business Vision to Marketing Analysis to Website Launch

We can help you take your business ideas and product concepts from VISION to LAUNCH TO ONGOING SUCCESS in a well-planned way.


The real value of our consulting services


Are you a startup founder, entrepreneurial small business, or SMB / mid-size firm aiming for improved brand awareness that leads to higher market share, sales, web traffic, satisfied customers? Or a large organization trying to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit and regain competitive advantage?!

We can effectively partner with you and start refining and solidifying your strategies, offerings, and communications. Our goal is to help you achieve your business & marketing goals - starting with a solid marketing strategy and plan, product innovation, web marketing, and more!



Focus Needs Execution Quality




Solid Credentials - Solid Results



Want to take your business / website to the NEXT LEVEL?  

We can help YOU make it happen.

Art of Innovation Values

Get started  with  an  OBJECTIVE  and  INSIGHTFUL









Going to market with a new initiative?

  • New Product / Site
    • Introducing a new product, website, or web application to existing or new markets / customer segments.
  • Market Penetration
    • Deepening and widening (new markets / segments) your market penetration for your existing products to increase inquiries & visits, sales and revenues.
  • Business Overhaul
    • Making a strategic redesign of your business model, offerings (products and services portfolio), and organizational structure to gain market traction.
  • Brand Building
    • Revitalizing or boosting your business image / brand. Communicating it to your existing and new customers - via online & offline channels.
  • New Online Functionality
    • Developing new online functionalities (processes / workflows) to better serve your customers (e.g. Customer Service workflows, or User-to-user collaboration).
  • Product / Site ReDesign
    • Preparing for a new product or an upgraded version of a product / website, identifying unmet needs and improvements to benefits and features - based on customer / user feedback.




Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals - and how we can work together to achieve targeted results.


Solid Credentials - Solid Results






Are you trying to solve one of these challenges?

  • Your business has outgrown your aging, legacy website
    • Current business focus, structure & branding does not match existing site structure & design
    • Site is not user-friendly or usable by contemporary standards
    • Online functionality & services falling behind competitor sites & current trends
    • Internal users spend (waste!) too much time finding needed info. - leading to lower productivity and lost opportunities
  • Your company's website is not performing / not delivering results.
    • Not enough visitors / lack of traffic from desired customer segments.
    • High bounce rates or lack of repeat visits.
    • Not resulting in desired actions e.g. an online purchase or inquiry.
    • Poor visibility in Search Engine results / low search rankings.

SMB Website Problems

You may not see the signs clearly through the fog.
TIP:   Hover over the image for a clearer view.

Take timely action to navigate to a better path towards your destination.


SMB Web Marketing Needs 

  • Customers do not have a clear understanding of your business.
    • Not adequately aware of the full range of your products and services.
    • Not clear about the benefits of doing business with you versus the competition.
    • Site visitors & customers do not grasp your company's core competencies.
    • Your target customers are unclear about or not influenced by your brand and positioning.
  • Customers do not have a full appreciation of your offerings.
    • Benefits and features of your products & services are not as clear and compelling as they could be.
    • Related products & services are not as easy to find as they should be.
    • Underutilized or ineffective customer support processes i.e. a lost opportunity to retain / expand your customer base.


Solid Credentials - Solid Results


We Can Help!

We partner with small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and midsize SMB businesses to support them with:

  • Marketing strategy driven refinement of their business (business model, offerings, compelling descriptions of products & services), 
  • Well-written and effective web content, tagline, USP / Value Proposition, Competitive Differentiation (end-user focused benefits + features), and other marketing communications.
  • Go-to-Market plans following a smart, effective business planning roadmap.

Guided by your business vision, target customer needs, user requirements, as well as a focus on differentiation, quality, innovation.

Roadmap - Business Vision to Marketing Analysis to Website Launch

A Roadmap for Business Analysis & Marketing Planning

View this presentation on smart strategies to achieve key marketing goals - and how we can partner with you.

Expanding & growing your mind share, market share, sales and revenues.

Interested in taking your business to the NEXT LEVEL?

Quick Start / Fast Track Option

Discover Opportunities + Fresh Ideas

Act NOW - Special Offer for New Clients

To get started with a free initial consultation,
or for any other questions, please Contact Us.


Solid Credentials - Solid Results






See our write-up on:
The 3 Pillars of Successful Product Innovation








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Strategic Marketing consulting services
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product innovation, key marketing messages,
MRD/PRD, web content, PR, SEO strategy.



Bring in some objective, fresh perspective to amplify your efforts and enrich your strategic marketing initiatives.

SF Bay Area based Strategic Marketing Consultant for Small Business, SMB, and Large Companies.

We help you grow your business with fresh ideas, sharp analysis, powerful insights, comprehensive business plans. Top quality professional consulting services guided by your business vision and priorities.

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