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Sometimes, the Concorde or a Boeing 787 is the right answer; sometimes a colorful, adventurous hot air balloon is just what the customer
needs and wants!
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Are you an entrepreneurial small business, startup, mid-size / SMB firm aiming for higher revenues, more satisfied customers, and increased market share?

Or even a large organization trying refocus on smart business fundamentals to regain competitive advantage?

We look forward to partnering with you to help refine your strategies, offerings, communications.

We can help you problem-solve your marketing & sales challenges and achieve key goals - starting with solid marketing plans, business & product innovation, online communications, website redesign & more!







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SF Bay Area based Strategic Marketing Consultant for Small Business, SMB, and Large Companies.

We help you grow your business with fresh ideas, sharp analysis, powerful insights, comprehensive business plans. Top quality professional consulting services guided by your business vision and priorities.

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Art of Innovation - Online Marketing Consultant SF Bay Area

Marketing Strategy driven Product Innovation, Online Marketing Communications, Business Plans & Marketing Plans.

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Auri Biswas

B.S., M.B.A. (Duke Univ.)

Marketing Strategy driven Innovation of Products, Key Messages, Go-to-Market Plans