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Sometimes, the Concorde or a Boeing 787 is the right answer; sometimes a colorful, adventurous hot air balloon is just what the customer
needs and wants!
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Strategy + Innovation + Plans
for winning products + online communications

Envision Exceptional Products & Services
  • Driven by prioritized user needs
  • Shaped by innovative solutions
  • Guided by competitive analysis

Earn customer confidence, referrals, purchase $$$.

Articulate Core Marketing Messages
  • Clarify value proposition
  • Benefits & differentiation
  • Positioning & branding

Key to awareness, mind-share, decision making.

Create Winning  
Go-to-Market Plans
  • Vision to ongoing success
  • Effective Plans & Online Tools
  • Collaboration & coordination

Path to realistic achievement of your goals + dreams.



  • Fresh perspectives and new angles
  • Identify key issues and major drivers
  • Discover insights and opportunities

Our field-tested core competency

Our Recommended Approach

We help you achieve • IMPROVED BUSINESS RESULTS • with a • NO-BS™ 3-PRONGED APPROACH •.


Increased product sales + revenues
Improved brand awareness
customer engagement
Increased market share + profitability

Richer understanding of targeted users, competitors & trends

Marketing strategy professional website reviews
Marketing strategy, Online Communications, Business Plans Consulting - Art of Innovation

Strategic Advisory & Consulting Services

+1 5IO-3O4-7I4I


Envision & architect exceptional products + services
and associated processes (e.g. support) that address your customers' needs & challenges, deliver great value, and help you outshine the competition. (Strategic Product Management, MRD, PRD, VP.)
For powerful insights, apply
Core Concepts of Strategy + Marketing
Distill & articulate compelling messages
about your product and service offerings - which power your online marketing campaigns. They inform and inspire your customers & target audience about your brand, positioning, differentiation, key benefits. (Strategic Marketing Communications, Key Marketing Messages.)
Cultivate fresh ideas & winning opportunities from Fundamentals of Branding + Customer Delight
Draw up comprehensive Go-To-Market plans to bring your offerings & messages to your target audience / markets
via an effective combination of channels & strategies - website, online marketplaces, social media, search engine marketing, PR, advertising, blogs, marketing collateral, sales presentations, sales training. (Alignment, Collaboration, Execution, Org. Readiness - for successful Product Launch and sales growth!)
Leverage deep project and program management experience from a  Results-oriented strategic marketing consultant. 
Our Value Proposition

Why partner with us to achieve your business growth and marketing goals ⇆ with strategy, planning, innovation?

Fresh Perspective, Insights, Solution Ideas

Fresh eyes, distance, big-picture perspective - with well-honed analysis skills - reveal insights and possibilities.

Brainstorming + ideation + facilitation skills help identify pain points, order winners, and scope opportunities for incremental + radical improvements.

Objective, Undiluted, Powerful Assessments

Solid recommendations and feedback free of political agendas, company blindspots, groupthink - in pursuit of the best solutions to chosen goals.

Effective, illuminating reports using text, diagrams, infographics, tables, charts, graphs & more.

Top-tier, Global Experience + Skills

Across industries, functions & levels (CEO to staff), business sizes (Fortune 500/ startups/ SMB) - applying sharp, multi-disciplinary, innovative thinking.

With an innate focus on user/customer needs & priorities, and the competitive / business environment.


Get the best of TOP-TIER consulting firm QUALITY
... with individual FOCUS and RESPONSIVENESS ...
– without the large firm bureaucracy, talent averaging, churn, and overhead.

Success  =  work smart, then work hard!

Work smart  ☰  applying the art of innovation!

Top-tier experience spanning ◉ Fortune 500 Global companies ◉ Big 4 Consulting firms ◉ Entrepreneurial SMB & Startups.


Sharp strategies - solid results

Engines of Business & Marketing Innovation
Small Business Web Design Marketing Strategy Consulting Services
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◉ Fortune 500 Global companies ◉ Big 4 Consulting firms
◉ Entrepreneurial Startups & SMB.

Strategic Marketing consulting services
- strategy driven go-to-market & business plans,
product innovation, key marketing messages,
MRD/PRD, web content, PR, SEO strategy.



Highly Competent and Reliable Creativity     Highly Competent and Reliable Quality     Highly Competent and Reliable Professionalism


Small Business Web Design Marketing Strategy Consulting Services


Contact us for a free 25 min. consultation to discuss your needs & goals - and how we can help you achieve desired results.


Sharp strategies - solid results

Getting started

High-value offerings to boost your efforts on innovation & improvements.

2 easy+quick professional review packages ✅


Marketing strategy professional website reviews



Marketing strategy professional website reviews


◉ Value priced
◉ Fast track
◉ Fresh Perspective

Diagnostic reviews

that help you quickly identify major issues & key opportunities for improvements.
We can help take your business ideas+vision to reality+success
Roadmap - Business Vision to Marketing Analysis to Website Launch


Sharp strategies - solid results

More on our  Consulting Services

Real Innovation

Thoughts on meaningful innovation versus the hype and jargon.

Sources of Business Web Innovation

Innovation as a term and concept has been heavily over-used, over-hyped, and as a result, diluted and depleted of its true meaning and power.

Innovation is much more than applying newer, better, faster technologies to solve a chosen problem.

At it's core, innovation is about making people's lives better (your target audience)
– by finding new and better solutions (driven by insights and creativity),
– addressing their priorities, problems, unaddressed needs (fully understood and dissected),
– factoring in multiple perspectives (stakeholders, disciplines, solution options, sustainability).

It may also be useful to remember, as heretical as it may sound today in our Silicon Valley driven world (!), that technology is more than software and computing hardware.

And that the product strategy/ innovation/ ideation process is distinct from production/ implementation tasks (even if the latter is ONE source of valuable inputs that stimulate the former!)

Thus, a "production management" skillset / focus (often conflated with "product management" in Silicon Valley software companies!) - takes attention, time, and resources away from a much needed strategic product management perspective - which prioritizes ...

...asking critical, strategic questions to uncover what it takes for a business or product (or marketing message) to succeed; and chart ways to:

  • ascertain if the goals, problems, solutions are a worthy business endeavor (v. academic);
  • identify, assess, & address unmet needs of target users - both stated & unstated;
  • reliably serve them in a way that is superior to other alternatives and competitors;
  • deliver value that is understood & appreciated by your customers & all stakeholders;
  • build a reputation & brand recognition that leads to BOTH purchase dollars and likes.

Getting immersed in making better mouse-traps (cheaper and faster to boot) ...
can only go so far, when you overlook the fact that your target audience may be much more concerned (and benefited) from non-mouse related challenges of life!

Or that they are not as concerned with the cost / speed / functionality of existing mousetrap options - as your team may have assumed. Incremental improvements (offered proactively) are not bad ... unless they lead to complacence and cognitive inertia - thereby getting in the way of much-needed radical innovation (fresh, new solution approaches)!

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Market + Customer driven Innovation, Plans, Growth
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If you are interested in true innovation - of products, processes, business models - focused on value and benefits, and driven by a real-world perspective - factoring in users, customers, stakeholders, competitors, trends, business environment, technological options (note that it is only one of many factors) - then given us a call to discuss how we can enrich your initiatives, programs, and overall business!



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SF Bay Area based Strategic Marketing Consultant for Small Business, SMB, and Large Companies.

We help you grow your business with fresh ideas, sharp analysis, powerful insights, comprehensive business plans. Top quality professional consulting services guided by your business vision and priorities.

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