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Strategic Product Management  •  Website Redesign / Innovation

Collection of resources, slides, presentations with tips and information on the Art of Innovation - specifically Business & Web Innovation, Website Redesign, and Product / Program Management.


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Art of Innovation Icon  Website / Portal - Product Management

Art of Innovation Icon   Are you building your Portal / Website from the right DNA?
  ...   Effective / popular sites are tailored to your business/ organization & customers/ users.

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Web DNA: Design Needs Architecture: Innovation ReDesign Development





Art of Innovation Icon  Web Product Management / Innovation / ReDesign starts with the Big Picture
  ...   Sound Web Strategy, Architecture, Design, Plans - applying a variety of skills and perspectives.

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Web Product Management / Innovation / ReDesign





Art of Innovation Icon  Don't forget the ABC(DE)s of Web Site/Portal Design & Development!
  ...   Know and balance the influence / contributions / needs of all your 'drivers'.

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ABCs of Portal / Site Design and Development





Art of Innovation Icon  Collaboration - across complementary but distinct disciplines / competencies!
  ... Cross functional collaboration - key to successful Web Product Management and Innovation.

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Web Product Management/ Innovation - Cross-functional Collaboration





Art of Innovation Icon  Strategic Alignment - Keeping the Basics in Mind!
  ... A Business exists to serve customer needs - and IT/Web Initiatives to support the business in that endeavor!.

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Strategic Alignment Basics - Key Concepts





Art of Innovation Icon  Powerful way to Attract, Connect with, and Serve your Stakeholders / Constituents
  ... In a crowded/ noisy world, is your website / portal reaching a high level of visibility and effectiveness?

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Strategic Web Communications




Art of Innovation Icon  Project / Program Management



Art of Innovation Icon  Old Feuds!   'Substance v. Style',  'Form v. Function',  'Engineering v. Marketing'
  ...   Stereotypes, like broken clocks, may be accurate at certain times ... but maybe just as useful!

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Clear Thinking and Presentation - Solid Foundation






Art of Innovation Icon  "Going Nowhere Fast" or "Planning/Waiting for Perfect Conditions"?
  ... Inputs from others not too close to your project and competitors might provide some useful clues!

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Balancing Analysis/Planning with Action/Risk Taking






Art of Innovation Icon  Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
  ... Set goals, approach, timelines with an appreciation of the knowns/unknowns - then achieve them!

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Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency






Art of Innovation Icon  C-Harmony - Achieving C-Level Effectiveness and A-Level Performance!
  ... both as an individual and as a collaborative team!

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Core Personal & Professional Skills: C-Harmony!






Art of Innovation Icon  Are you applying a project methodology to address all the issues / steps?
  ... Tailored to your environment, based on sound principles - not the newest (or repackaged!) hype/ fad!

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Whether you are following an incremental / iterative / agile approach or a more structured approach,
you still have to address the key questions & needs across a wide range of related areas.

  Web Innovation Project Methodology Component  
  Web Innovation Project Methodology Component   Web Innovation Project Methodology Component  
  Web Innovation Project Methodology Component
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