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Constructive, actionable feedback & ideas

Business plan & marketing plan review and refinement

Impress angel investors, funders, VCs, and stakeholders

with a top-quality Business Plan, Marketing Plan, and the all important Pitch Deck, Executive Summary, Presentation.

Professional & objective feedback.

Identifying specific improvement opportunities (minor to major).

Covering all major sections of your business plan.

Take advantage of a competent, perceptive, and fresh pair of eyes!


Evaluating all the key dimensions of your strategy & plans - identifying issues & improvement ideas

► Overall Impact

► Structure

► Content

► Writing

► Presentation

► Diagrams / Charts

► Exec. Summary

Vision  |  clarity  |  professionalism | quality  |  credibility  |  completeness

Document structure  |  table of contents  |  sections  |  appendices

Core sections of the Business Plan - individually and as a combination

Writing Style  |  Flow & Consistency  |  Typos  |  Language Issues

Visual Impact  |  Graphics  |  Tables  |  Colors | Fonts  |  Page Layout

Relevance  |  Production Quality  |  Opportunities to Add or Improve

Crisp, Concise, Compelling!


Written report summarizing findings and feedback.


Special discounted rates (up to 40%) for new SMB* clients.
(Apr-June 2021)

  ▪ Basic:   $995   $595  [4-6 hours of Analysis & Documentation. Min. 10 specific items.]

  ▪ Advanced:   $1895   $1295  [8-10 hours. Min. of 20 specific items or prorated refund.]

  ▪ Comprehensive:   $3695   $2695   [20-24 hours. In-depth Review.]

*SMB:  Small / Medium Business with annual revenues less than $1 Million.


For comprehensive and custom reviews

Contact us for a custom quote for a more extensive review of business plans.

A more thorough look at the content of the key sections, such as:

  • Business vision, goals, strategy, timeline, milestones
  • Markets, customers, competition, products and services
  • Revenue and cost estimates, projections
  • Marketing plan, web strategy
  • Constraints & assumptions, risk management, team, etc.

Get helpful reports on problems, issues, weak or missing elements as well as SPECIFIC recommendations and improvement ideas.


Solid experience • sharp analysis • insights & innovative ideas

From a management consulting professional with deep experience in business strategy, marketing strategy, business planning and analysis, project / business evaluation. At some leading, global firms as well as with small businesses. Someone who has not only seen a wide spectrum of mistakes, gaffes, short-lived fads - but is also familiar with the best practices, writings, and sound concepts in this area.


Contact Us to get started.

Turnaround in 24-72 hours.


Solid credentials - solid results


Note:   These special packages represent significant discounts from my consulting rates for large corporate clients ($200+/hour) - offering you a great value.

Bringing you major savings in time & expenses incurred by your team during the planning as well as the execution phase.   Not to mention the value of an improved plan and the opportunities it opens up.





Art-of-Innovation Consulting Services - a solid combination of experience - from the Business Analysis & Marketing Planning side as well as the Web Design & Communications area. Helping clients with insightful analysis & planning for their business & product innovation, as well as their marketing communications and website redesign efforts.

Want to take your business / website to the NEXT LEVEL?   We can help YOU make it happen.

►  Get started  with  an  OBJECTIVE  and  INSIGHTFUL   Website  REVIEW   |   Business Plan  REVIEW


With a free initial consultation to discuss your needs & goals and how we can help you achieve them..


SF Bay Area based Strategic Marketing Consultant for Small Business, SMB, and Large Companies.

We help you grow your business with fresh ideas, sharp analysis, powerful insights, comprehensive business plans. Top quality professional consulting services guided by your business vision and priorities.

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