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Key Qualities and Value
of an Upstream Marketing Strategist


Key traits of an effective Business & Marketing Strategist

A sharp marketing strategist helps you identify profitable opportunities and actionable recommendations spanning key business areas.

A creative & organized thinker  (strategist, planner, communicator AND an Excel guru!) with a good range of experience can stimulate and inspire these redesign and improvement initiatives.

A sharp & reliable professional who quickly understands your situation, needs, and goals - and proactively offers innovative ideas and solutions to help YOU and your business succeed.

Experienced marketing consultants bring a big picture / strategic perspective - partnering as a committed and trusted advisor to the CEO, business owner, or functional leaders.

Providing sharp analyses & insights, brainstorming new ideas, identifying strengths & opportunities, formulating effective strategies & plans.

We have demonstrated the above competencies and traits for over 15 years at top-tier global companies as well as entrepreneurial small businesses. And have also enjoyed mentoring, coaching, and training others in developing and applying these skills and traits.

Call us today to discuss how we can start working together productively to achieve your goals and realize your vision.


Impact and value of a strategic marketing consultant

Helps you and your team a) focus on KEY GOALS and b) ACHIEVE THEM.


We can work independently or collaboratively with your team - problem-solving, brainstorming, creating insightful analyses, compelling write-ups, high-quality deliverables.

Outlining innovative ideas and plans to enhance your:

  •   Business & marketing strategy, product strategy / roadmap / improvements
  •   Key marketing messages, marcom content, communications strategy
  •   Go-to-Market / Business / Project Plans, Collaboration & Innovation Process.

With a focus always on top-priority business goals.

Foundation of well-honed core competencies

Our forte is sharp analysis from a strategic perspective with an aptitude for creative ideation / insights - powered by a preference and skill for real world, cross-functional problem solving.

Powered by a well-honed ability to rapidly spot key questions, issues, gaps, and opportunities for improvements & innovations.

With a project or goal orientation (rather than task orientation), we begin by developing a solid understanding of your vision, goals. requirements (clarifying, validating, and enriching them in the process) - and then planning and directing our efforts with a focus on solid results and value.

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◉ Fortune 500 Global companies ◉ Big 4 Consulting firms
◉ Entrepreneurial Startups & SMB.

Strategic Marketing consulting services
- strategy driven go-to-market & business plans,
product innovation, key marketing messages,
MRD/PRD, web content, PR, SEO strategy.



SF Bay Area based Strategic Marketing Consultant for Small Business, SMB, and Large Companies.

We help you grow your business with fresh ideas, sharp analysis, powerful insights, comprehensive business plans. Top quality professional consulting services guided by your business vision and priorities.

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