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Marketing Analysis & Business Planning

From vision to launch - a roadmap

Need a map?

Whether you are in the process of starting a business - or aspiring to take your business to the next level (new products, markets, marketing approach), you may find this planning roadmap (& visual checklist) quite valuable.

The roadmap presents a clear visual summary of the major steps involved in business planning and marketing analysis. You can follow this process to guide your business plan development efforts. It clarifies your thinking by highlighting the key building blocks / areas and their inter-relationships. It shows the iterative and interconnected steps that help create the essential components of a winning business plan / marketing plan / go-to-market-plan.


Click on the thumbnail image below to view (and download) the full-size version of the Strategy & Planning Roadmap. Check back for updates!

Business Plan - Vision to Launch

Thumbnail shown here. Scroll down for the full-size image.


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Improve your go-to-market and business plan with a professional review.   Info.

Get ahead - stay ahead!

This is not a do-it-once-and-forget endeavor! Given its tremendous value in setting the right direction for your business, it makes sense to revisit it from time to time.

As you know - but maybe, prefer not to think about (!), your competitive situation, market trends, and other environmental factors are changing all the time.

You can get great returns / ROI (from timely, effective business decisions & market focused initiatives) by reviewing & updating this analysis (even at a high level) on a monthly to quarterly basis. ( Driving with an outdated map is more hazardous than it may appear! )

We can help!

Take it to the next level

Here's a powerful idea you can implement with great results. The key ideas and outputs that come out of this process can be maintained in an online company KnowledgeBase - rather than some files on someone's PC that no one looks at again.

An online KnowledgeBase / Collaboration system can serve as a valuable and easily accessible guide for your strategies, operations & projects - keeping all team members aligned with company goals, strategy, key decisions. It also serves as a easy-to-access reference for various other organizational needs - as shown in the boxes at the bottom right of the map.

You can do this with free open-source tools (like an online project management or content management system) with a bit of customization / setup - to make it effective and easy-to-use by the entire team.    Interested?!

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Contact us for updated / tailored versions of this business & marketing innovation map.


Business Planning and Marketing Analysis RoadMap = Going from Business Vision to Launch / Implementation.

Feel free to use the process/ roadmap above to move steadily from vision to reality (successfully implemented plans / launch).

If you need a sounding board, someone to add valuable ideas and feedback, and apply well-rounded analysis and planning skills based on solid experience, please contact us to discuss your needs.



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